On New Flower Varieties

How do you view flowers? What's your relationship to them?

A delightful graduate student interviewed me recently and asked what my favorite flower was. I replied that there is no favorite- that's like asking me to choose one "best friend" for my whole life. I mean, my best friend at age 5 was a girl I met at the skate rink named Beverly, which I pronounced "Bubberly." My point is, while some friends stick around longer than others, we normally move through seasonal friends as well.

The pictures in this blog post are taken by a new friend: Julie Andersen. She reached out to me via Instagram  to photograph my flower arranging process, and I'm so glad I said yes. Turns out, we chatted about everything from our love of Scandinavian decor to how to be simultaneously generous and protective of our creativity. 

On the surface: Stranger Danger!

In person: total kindred spirits.

Plus, she's a wildly talented photographer and teaches FREE yoga classes in Baltimore! Click here to find her.

My current interests, which have dictated who I'm spending my time with, include renovation projects, motherhood, being a #girlboss, seltzer water and lipstick, and clean yet indulgent eating. 

The florals in this post were for Cake 'n Whiskey, a nationwide women in business networking event, also known as the perfect opportunity to get creative and use some non-bridal blooms: palm leaves, terra cotta anthuriums, and copper cymbidium orchids.

My take-away: don't limit yourself to only the flowers you know, because that will limit what you know about yourself. 


Here's to hoping you stumble upon a new bloom this week.


Mary Ellen