Step into the studio and watch Mary Ellen design a bridal bouquet. 


Who we are:

Mary Ellen & Matt LaFreniere

Mary Ellen grew up on a flower farm and made her first bouquet  at the age of 4. Matt didn't grow up on a flower farm and made his first bouquet at the age of 31.  The couple launched Steelcut Flower Co. in Baltimore in 2016 and have grown their team to include stylists and floral-lovers from many backgrounds. 

Mary Ellen is the heart of the business and the person you'll most likely meet at a consultation, but for weddings and set-ups you can expect to see many different faces.


What we do:

Steal beauty. Give it back.

We search high and low for top quality blooms, sourcing globally, locally, and even from overgrown alleys or other forageable areas in Baltimore city.  

We toil, we deliberate, we create.



What we love:

Garden roses and Velvet. Patina on Copper. Late afternoon Light. 

We get goosebumps when the right flowers are in the right place at the right time. We rely on you, our client, to lead us to the time and place. We'll supply the flowers.